Meet Your Team!


Dr. Rachelle Hansen


Rachelle (she/they) learned to speak a little Japanese and ate loads of sushi while living in Japan for 3 years.

  • 15 years professional experience as a mental health provider working with neurodivergent populations
  • Clinical Psychology (PhD), University of North Dakota, 2014
  • Clinical Director of Stepping Stone Clinic, Creator of LifeFx Executive Function Coaching Curriculum and Training Certification

Amanda Hatling

LifeFx Center Director | Program Director

Amanda (she/her) is a plant enthusiast. She has 55 house plants in her home and hopes to get more! Amanda also loves to travel anywhere she can practice her Spanish language skills. Argentina is a favorite destination. When not working, Amanda is most likely running with her dog, Fiddler.

  • 10 years experience in Program Management and Development, Education Focus
  • Communications (B.A.), Spanish Language, (B.A.), Minnesota State University 2012
  • Proficient in Spanish language

Consulting Experts

Dr. Renee von Weiss

Curriculum and Program Consultant

Renee (she/her) has seen Antarctic glaciers and hopes to go back, even if it means going through the Drake Passage again.

  • 15+ years experience conducting evaluations and interventions with neurodiverse populations and their families
  • Clinical Psychology (PhD), University of Kansas, 2002
  • Previously staff psychologist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for 8 years

Executive Function Coaches

Kris Lyons

Lead Executive Function Coach

Kris (she/her) is an avid traveler who has explored seven countries and loves spending time outdoors. She prefers biking over driving whenever she can, embracing the joy and freedom of exploring the world on two wheels.

  • Trained Adult ADHD Coach
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

Irene Bensus Buhl

Executive Function Coach

Irene (she/her) has a passion for travel, having visited six countries, including the beautiful South Africa. She spent four years living in Peru, enjoying time with family, delicious food, and picturesque sites. Irene comes from a large family, with 21 first cousins and many more extended relatives.

  • Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology, minors in Neuroscience and Social Justice, University of Minnesota, 2024
  • Over 2 years of research assistance in two labs at the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota Twin Cities (CBP Lab and D.A.N.C.E Lab)
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish

Caleb Brindley

Executive Function Coach

Caleb (he/him) enjoys the thrill of bouldering and is one of 13 siblings, making for a lively family life. He also has a passion for painting and studying art history, combining his love for creativity with a deep appreciation for the arts.

  • Honor Roll Graduate, De La Salle High School
  • Former LifeFx Student
  • Three-year volunteer for Starry Night Prom, an annual event for people with disabilities in the Twin Cities community

Olivia Giammanco

Executive Function Coach

Olivia (she/her) is a certified scuba diver who has explored the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. A passionate dog lover and avid traveler, Olivia’s favorite adventure so far has been her trip to the Netherlands.

  • Registered Behavior Technician, with an emphasis in ABA therapy, through Fraser, Minneapolis
  • Psychology (BS), University of Minnesota, 2023
  • 2 year editorial board member for the University of Minnesota’s Undergraduate Journal of Psychology

Damian Johnson

Executive Function Coach

Damian (they/them), a Twin Cities native, is a self-proclaimed giant word nerd with a favorite book that’s not quite what you’d expect—the dictionary! He thrives on learning new games, especially those with unique, homemade rules. His passion for words and creativity make him a delightful addition to our team.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential through the International Coaching Federation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theater, minor in English, Saint Mary’s University
  • Over 15 years of experience utilizing theater and improvisation to teach life skills across all age groups

Alandra Stoll

Executive Function Coach & Testing Technician

Alandra (she/her) is passionate about both music and nature, always seeking out new hiking paths to explore whenever she can. She also has a love for softball, having played the game for 13 years.

  • Third year student pursuing Psychology (BA), with Minors in Family Social Science, at the University of Minnesota
  • Volunteer at Bright Futures Learning

Sophia Weaver

Executive Function Coach

Sophia (she/her) is a dedicated bookworm, having completed over 100 books. Her passion for travel has led her to explore 15 states and 4 countries, with Iceland being her latest destination. A true animal lover, Sophia’s spirit animal is a cat, embodying their independence and curiosity.

  • Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology, minor in Family Therapy, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Registered Behavior Technician with an emphasis in ABA therapy, Fraser, Eagan
  • Volunteer at Children’s Hospital – Minneapolis
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Culture and Family Life Lab, UMN

Testing Technicians

Ella Schornack

Testing Technician

Ella (she/her) is fluent in Norwegian and has a love for adventure. She has visited 34 out of the 50 states, always seeking opportunities to explore nature. Whether it’s rock climbing, hiking, or camping, Ella thrives in the great outdoors.

  • Political Science and Psychology (BA), University of Minnesota, 2023
  • Research Assistant in the Social Psychology Lab at the University of Minnesota
  • Current student at the University of St. Thomas, pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology