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Set up your little one for success as an independent learner!

It can be hard to decide when it’s time to enroll your child into school. The LifeFx® Littles program is designed to teach both you, and your child, the tools needed to be successful in preschool, kindergarten and beyond! Studies have shown a strong Executive Function skill set, developed early on, is linked to greater academic success, stronger social skills, and fewer behavior problems.

LifeFx Littles is a structured program that includes a school-readiness and executive functions assessment, and six 50-minute parent-child sessions, all led by an Executive Function Coach. At the end of six sessions, you will have the tools and resources you need to continue building your child’s Executive Function skills-set at home, at school and beyond.

About LifeFx® Littles

LifeFx Littles is a preschool preparatory program designed to boost executive function skills in children ages 4-6. The LifeFx Little program is based on Ready? Set. Go!, a research-proven executive function curriculum developed and studied by the University of Minnesota.

LifeFx Littles is for your child if:

  • They struggle to control impulses, attention or concentration
  • Distractions are hard to ignore
  • Following directions with more than 2-4 steps is difficult
  • Following rules or understanding social cues is a challenge
What is Executive Function?

Executive Function refers to skills we all use everyday! These are the skills we use to plan, control our emotions, follow multiple-step directions and stay focused, among many other things. Young children develop these skills at very different rates, and some need extra help in jumpstarting that development. That is where LifeFx Little can help!

How does LifeFx Littles support parents/guardians?

Parents and/or guardians are involved every step of the way! You will sit in on every session and learn the tools along with your Little. We will provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to practice the skills at home.

What ages is LifeFx Littles designed for?

LifeFx Littles is for children ages 4 – 6 years. It is designed to support Littles (and their parents) who are getting ready to enroll in school.

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