Amanda Hatling

LifeFx® Program Director
October 13, 2021

Dear students, families and community members,

Have you ever heard the name Robert Hutchins? He was an educational philosopher and the dean of Yale law school, among other things. I actually know very little about him, but the name has stuck with me after reading a quote he is well known for, “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” 

When I first read that, I was stunned at how simple it was. Education is many things, and there are many different ideas and opinions of what education should or should not be. Should children learn mindfulness practices in school? Should we be better at preparing our teens for University? Is going to a University necessary to be successful? These are all big questions and I think Mr. Hutchins summed it up so beautifully. The learning never ends. And, while WHAT we learn is important, few can deny that HOW we learn is far more important, and often overlooked. 

Can you imagine, an education system that prioritized accommodating individual learning styles?! Or, a work environment that understood the importance of self care. Certainly these work and school environments do exist, and they are a beautiful gift to the individuals who have the opportunity to have their needs met. But, the truth is – most are not that accommodating. Not even close. 

So, what do we do about it? How can we better support our children and ourselves in a world designed with a “one size fits all” mentality? How can you be successful in a system not designed to work with your unique brain? Thankfully, the answer to these questions is also quite simple – we ask for help. Executive Function Coaching with LifeFx provides that help.

Dr. Rachelle Hansen, myself and our incredible team of Executive Function Coaches understand the systems we are required to work within are not suited for everyone. Which is why we have developed tools to make life easier. Our program teaches students how to be more organized, manage time, maintain focus, improve memory, control emotions and better understand how your brain works. Wherever you are struggling – we’ve got a tool for that! 

Executive Function Coaching with LifeFx is coaching for all ages and stages. We refer to those we work with as “students” because, like Mr. Hutchins, we believe the learning should never stop. We are students for life. And with a little help – you will overcome every obstacle, and you will thrive! 


Amanda Hatling
LifeFx Program Director