Frequently Asked Questions

What are Executive Functions?

Executive Function is a set of mental skills that include emotion regulation, organization, working memory and sustained attention, to name a few. We all use these skills every day – to learn, work, and manage day-to-day life. Impairment in Executive Function can make it hard to focus, follow directions, and handle emotions, among other things.

In short, Executive Function are the skills that help you get things done!

Executive Function Skills + Real World Examples

Click below to discover the role of Executive Function Skills in various aspects of our daily lives. We provide an in-depth explination and real-world examples for children, teens, and adults.


What is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive Function coaching teaches tools needed to improve Executive Function skills. Together, we will work to strengthen skills that already exist in your brain, and learn new tools to manage three main areas: how we act, how we feel and how we think.


Do you offer in-person and virtual coaching?

Yes! We offer coaching sessions both in-person, at our center in Richfield, and virtually.

What hours is coaching offered?

LifeFx offeres coaching Monday-Thursday 8 AM – 7 PM CST and every other Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM CST. Sessions are 50 minutes each. 

Do you take insurance?

LifeFx does not work with insurance. However, we will provide you with an itemized receipt, with the appropriate codes for insurance, that you can submit back to your provider for reimbursement. Many of our families have had success with this.

Students have also used HSA/FSA funds; as well as, CADI/Medical Waiver Funds. 

What is covered/reimbursed depends on each individual policy.

What are the program fees?

You can see a full menu of program fees here.

How do I know if I, or a loved one, is struggling with Executive Function?

Executive dysfunctions can be the result of heredity, damage to the prefrontal cortex, substance abuse, a neurodevelopmental or psychiatric condition (like ADHD or ASD) or, new studies are showing, COVID-19.

People with Executive Function deficits may experience the following symptoms:

  • trouble controlling emotions or impulses
  • problems with starting, organizing, planning, or completing tasks
  • trouble listening or paying attention
  • short-term memory issues
  • inability to multitask or balance tasks
  • socially inappropriate behavior 
  • inability to learn from past consequences
  • difficulty solving problems
  • difficulty learning or processing new information

Problems with Executive Function may lead to:

  • poor performance at work or school
  • problems forming or maintaining relationships
  • mood regulation issues
  • low self-esteem
  • avoidance or procrastination of difficult tasks
  • low motivation or loss of interest in activities

For more detailed information, we recommend this article by ADDitude.


How is Executive Function Coaching different from tutoring?

Executive Function Coaching teaches students how to learn, not what to learn. We teach students how to better understand their unique brain, and how to navigate a world that does not always feel like it is designed for them. The tools students learn in Executive Function Coaching are tools they will use for the rest of their lives!

What is Neurodevelopmental Psychology?

Neurodevelopmental Psychology is a specialty of developmental psychology, combined with neurology, to better understand how the brain functions at all stages of growth and development.

Dr. Rachelle Hansen is a Neurodevelopmental Psychologist who specializes in understanding how the brain and behavior are connected. She created the LifeFx Executive Function Coaching program, and continues to play a major role in curriculum development and student progress. Dr. Hansen will be a resource to you and your family throughout your time with LifeFx.

How can I learn more?

The first step is to schedule an information call with our program director. This short phone call will provide you with a better understanding of how LifeFx can support you and your family. 

You can schedule your free call here.