Help your kids embrace
their superpowers!

We have tools for that.

Let’s flip the script.

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to learn, and today – there are more options for learning than ever before.

With LifeFx® Executive Functioning Coaching, your student can go from …

  • Battling to complete homework every night … to finishing homework with time to play.
  • Stressing about future tests … to feeling prepared and confidently sitting for the exam.
  • Feeling disorganized and overwhelmed … to focusing on one task at a time.
  • Struggling to make social connections … to feeling more confident making new friends.

Together we can create a narrative that embraces your student’s unique strengths, and helps them develop skills that define, refine, and focus on their unique way of navigating the world.

Personalized curriculum for every student

The skills we focus on are customized to fit the goals of every student. Our proprietary curriculum, created by Clinical Psychologist and Neurodevelopmental Specialist Dr. Rachelle Hansen, considers the unique neurodiversity of each student.

After a comprehensive Executive Function skills assessment with our professional team, we will develop a program that is the most appropriate, and set goals for our time together.

Here’s an overview of how we welcome each new student:

  • Warm-Up Call with an Executive Function coach
  • Executive Function Skills Assessment
  • Curriculum Consultation Call with a Neurodevelopmental Specialist
  • Schedule Executive Function Coaching sessions
  • Regularly, evaluate and assess goals and progress
What are Executive Function skills?

Executive Functioning refers to the mental processes that allow us to plan, focus, remember things, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Executive Function skills are the brain skills that help you get things done! LifeFx will help you develop and strengthen your Executive Function skills to make life easier.

Do I need a referral for this from my student’s medical provider or school?

No, you do not need a diagnosis or a referral to seek help at LifeFx®.

What kind of changes can we expect to see during sessions?

The changes and progress we see will be unique to each individual student. Our goal is to achieve independence and confidence by improving Executive Function skills. Students will learn tools they can use for the rest of their lives! 

Many of the students we work with see improvement in their study skills, time management, organization, emotion regulation and other executive function skills. After working with LifeFx, students can better manage their school work, relationships and day to day life.

I have more questions you did not answer.

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