Executive Function Coach Job Description

If you have any questions, you can email us at Support@LifeFxMN.com

Job Title: Executive Function Coach
Reports to: Program Director
Schedule: Flexible Schedule, minimum 10 hours/week (up to 30 hours/week)
Center Location: 6625 Lyndale Ave South, Richfield, MN 55423
Salary Range: $15-25 per hour, DOE

About LifeFx:
LifeFx is a dedicated Executive Function Coaching program that celebrates the unique strengths of neurodiverse individuals. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, providing them with valuable tools and strategies to understand and enhance their executive function skills. Our mission is to help individuals better navigate the world by teaching them skills such as organization, planning, time management, sustained attention, emotion regulation, task completion, and more.

Position Overview:
As an Executive Function Coach at LifeFx, you play a crucial role in our program. You will work one-on-one with our diverse student base, offering guidance, motivation, and accountability as they acquire new skills to improve their executive function capabilities.

Qualities We Seek:
An understanding of the pivotal role that executive function skills play in daily life.
Demonstrated personal proficiency in executive function skills.
Experience working with individuals with diverse learning profiles, including but not limited to ADHD, ASD, and Dyslexia.
A passion for facilitating positive change in the lives of others.

Core Responsibilities:
– Lead individualized Executive Function Coaching sessions, both in virtual and in-person settings.
– Develop and customize curriculum and lesson plans tailored to each student’s unique needs.
– Conduct research to create and refine lesson plans.
– Communicate with guardians, teachers, and support systems.
– Document session progress comprehensively in session notes.
– Provide recommendations to the leadership team as necessary.
– Uphold a culture of respect in interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and leadership.

Required Qualifications:
– High School Diploma
– Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a focus on mental health and/or education.
– Individuals currently enrolled in accredited mental health or education programs are encouraged to apply.
– Experience working one-on-one with children and/or adults.
– Proficiency in time management, planning, prioritization, and organization.
– High emotional intelligence.
– Comfort with a range of technology, with the ability to quickly adapt to new systems.
– A talent for building positive relationships with students and families.
– Demonstrated ability to efficiently manage time and projects.

Preferred Qualifications:
– Strong understanding of Executive Dysfunction and its impact on individuals and families.
– Experience supporting children aged 4-6.
– Experience working with students in K-12 grades.
– Experience supporting students in undergraduate and graduate programs.
– Proficiency in Google Suite (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Sheets, etc.)
– Fluency in Spanish, Hmong, or Somali.

Employee Benefits:
At LifeFx, we foster a collaborative environment where Executive Function Coaches are integral members of a dynamic team. We recognize that supporting neurodiverse individuals requires a multidisciplinary approach, and our coaches work closely alongside experienced clinical psychologists, including our founder, Dr. Rachelle Hansen.
This interdisciplinary synergy allows for a holistic and comprehensive approach to support, enriching both our coaches’ professional development and the quality of care we provide to our students.

You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow within this diverse team of experts, contributing your unique skills and perspectives while benefiting from the knowledge and experience of our dedicated professionals. Join us in creating a more inclusive world where neurodiversity is celebrated and supported through collaboration and innovation.

– Flexible working hours and schedule
– Work-from-home options
– Access to training and professional development opportunities led by licensed clinical – psychologists.
– Employee discounts on nutraceutical products, nutrition lab services, and nutrition counseling provided by Stepping Stone Clinic (LifeFx partner company).

Hiring Process:
To be considered for this position, please email your resume and a cover letter to Amanda@LifeFxMN.com. Applicants who do not submit both documents will not be considered. Candidates meeting our criteria will be contacted via email for a short video interview. Successful candidates will be invited to a final interview at our center. Following the final interview, all candidates will be required to complete a background check and an assessment measuring cognitive abilities, thinking styles, behaviors, and interests.

Training and Supervision:
Prior to working with students, coaches will undergo company-provided paid training, including webinars and live online sessions. Coaches will receive ongoing professional development and supervision, with weekly meetings with the Program Director to review progress and development.