Embracing Strengths of the Neurodiverse Brain

Supporting individuals who learn differently and live uniquely through the power of Executive Function Coaching

So what do words like “Neurodiversity” and
“Executive Function Skills” actually mean?

Neurodiversity is the variety of ways human brains are wired. There is no single way to process information, and there is no one way of learning. We all see, hear, work, and feel things differently. Every brain is unique and different. How cool is that!?

Executive Function refers to the mental processes that allow us to plan, focus, remember things, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Executive function skills are the brain skills that help you get things done!

Did you know that your brain grows and changes throughout your life? Because our brains are capable of growing and adapting at any age, that makes all of us learners for life. That is why at LifeFx®, everyone we work with is considered a “student”.

Executive Function Coaching is for everyone, including individuals with neurodevelopmental differences, who want to develop tools to improve their Executive Function skill-set. Together, we will strengthen skills that manage three main areas: how we act, how we feel and how we think. Students will learn to fully claim independence and gain life-long confidence!

Is Executive Function Coaching what I need?

At LifeFx, we focus on helping students develop and learn tools to help overcome challenges related to executive dysfunction.

LifeFx® Executive Functioning Skills Coaching is for you if:

  • You find it difficult to focus and pay attention to tasks, sometimes even those you enjoy.
  • You feel scattered and make careless mistakes or forget important things.
  • You can’t get organized and everything seems to pile up.
  • You have a hard time asking for help or speaking out when you do not understand something.
  • You find yourself staying busy with various tasks, but procrastinating the things you really need to get done.

LifeFx® by the Numbers

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About LifeFx®

The LifeFx® Executive Function Coaching Program was developed by Dr. Rachelle Hansen, a licensed clinical psychologist and neurodevelopmental specialist. Our specially trained team of Executive Function Coaches and Testing Technicians understand how brains work and can help you understand yours better. We will help to evaluate where you are today, and develop a plan and the tools you need to get to where you want to be.

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